Collection Exhibition

Masterpiece from Oda Collection Vol.12 “Chairs of Japan”


2023/07/14(Fri) - 2023/10/13(Fri)


All of the day


In 2021, Higashikawa, one of the main production areas of Asahikawa furniture, was established “Good Chair Day” with architect Kengo Kuma. In conjunction with this effort, this exhibition will curate and display world-famous chairs from “Oda Collection” by theme with the 14th of each month as a replacement day.


From July 14th, 2023 to October 13th, 2023, we would like to introduce chairs that was born in post-war Japan and is still loved by many people. In the past, Japanese people lived on the floor for many years. After entering the era of Meiji, various chairs began to be used after the civilization bloomed, but in general, chairs were still a long way off. Chairs began to spread among people after the war, when American culture spread rapidly.


Easy Chair
Manufacturer unknown
Design year unknown

Butterfly stool

Low-seat chair

Ny chair-X
Nii furniture

Wink chair

About Oda Collection

Noritsugu Oda (chair researcher, Professor Emeritus of Tokai University, Higashikawa Town Design Advisor) The Oda Collection is a collection of superbly designed furniture and other everyday items from the 20th century. The pieces have been gathered and researched over many years by chair researcher Noritsugu Oda. Mainly from northern Europe, the diverse collection ranges from chairs and tables to light fittings, dishes and cutlery and even wooden toys. These are accompanied by a collection of resources such as photos, drawings and documents, an extremely valuable set of academic resources that traces each of the changes in modern design history. The Oda Collection is highly acclaimed worldwide for the rarity of its items and the extensiveness of Oda’s research, and there are constant requests to display the items in exhibitions around the world.