Selection Exhibition

Work with wood naturally and freely by hand


2023/11/08(Wed) - 2023/12/25(Mon)


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We are holding our first commemorative exhibition “Work with wood naturally and freely by hand by the Tanno family” at the newly established gallery called “ADC SELECTION” in 2023. This is the first exhibition to hold as the “Tanno Family” jointly by Norio Tanno, who is loved both locally and around the world for his precise and playful works and his personality, and his family members Masakage Tanno and Yuri Tanno. Set in a workshop in Asahikawa surrounded by nature, please take look at the many wood crafts that are made by hand while interacting with wood.


Even though I say “Freely”, it doesn’t mean that I do everything the way I want. Wood is not an artificial material, but it remembers the time when it once lived on earth as a tree and has a personality and will. Even Wood from the same tree species will have different colors, grains, and textures depending on where they were it was grown. Wood from Japan speaks Japanese, Wood from America speaks English. It absorbs and exhales humidity in the air, causing it to warp, distort, and crack. It is not something that humans can handle freely. I always pay attention to the wood as I work. “Freely” also means “Wood as is”.

Even though it’s called handicraft, not all work is done with hand tools. In fact, we are doing work that could only be done by machines. But after continuing to make works like this for a long time, I have come to understand this. No matter how many machines are used, the final finishing touches are done by hand, and the work is made by human hands. When the “hands” change, subtle differences appear even in works that are machine-processed in exactly the same way. I believe that human hands are very important. AI is now on the verge of surpassing humans in the world of language and images, but it still is a while before they can use their own hands. We should make things more and more with our own hands, using modern machines if necessary. Anything made by that person’s hands will definitely be a work that only that person can create anywhere in the world.




日時:2023年11月11日(土) 10:00~17:00


日時:2023年11月11日(土) 1回目 11:00~ / 2回目 14:00〜

Artists: Norio Tanno, Masakage Tanno, Yuri Tanno
Organizer: Asahikawa Furniture Industry Cooperative