Seasonal Exhibition

SOFA! SOFA! SOFA! — Asahikawa Furniture’s diverse sofa style exhibition


2023/10/07(Sat) - 2024/06/02(Sun)


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The sofa is the center of the living room and can also be called the main character of the interior. Sofas occupy a large area and not only have a large impact on the visual impression of a space, but also have a significant impact on your lifestyle due to their differences in size, shape, functionality, and seating comfort. Therefore, Asahikawa Design Center is holding a seasonal exhibition called “SOFA! SOFA! SOFA! – Asahikawa Furniture’s Diverse Sofa Style Exhibition”, which brings together Asahikawa Furniture’s various sofa styles and proposes a lifestyle that focuses on sofas. From small and cute sofas, to sofas with rich wood texture, highly functionality sofas, and dignified luxury sofas, we explore the concept and possibilities of sofas from various perspectives such as size, comfort, material, color, and price range. This is your chance to expand and consider your ideal sofa and lifestyle. Please experience the various sofa styles while actually sitting on them.